About On-Page SEO

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About On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is a part of SEO, SEO means optimizing Search Engine Optimization, ie optimizing your website or blog for a better Search Engine Result Page. This optimization also happens in 2 ways, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

How do you do on-page?
In on-page SEO optimization we pay attention to many SEO factors like post title, permalink, keywords, heading and subheading, image optimization, meta tags, search description, anchor text, loading speed. Whatever change we have to do on the page! So we do it on the backend of the website!

Some important things that we do in the on-page SEO website

1. Website / Blog Post Title 2. Post-Permalink Structure3. Heading Tags
 4. Keyword Density 5. Meta tags 6. Images 7. Word Count Per Post 8. Internal Linking 9. External Linking 10. Engaging Content Write SEO  15 Advance On Page Technique!

1 - Website / Blog Post Title
In on page SEO the most important part is to select the website or blog title
I hope to you can do your website or blog title is better than others and your title is very short.

2 - Post Permalink Structure
After the title of the post, the second most important thing that you should set carefully is the permalink structure of your entire site. In this regard, you should read our articles below.
Make sure you use one thing in your target keyword permalink.

3 - Heading Tags
Heading tags are not some important factor for Search Engine Rankings, but if you add all types of headings such as H1, H2 and H3 proper use throughout your article, then you definitely benefit in rankings. Try your website that you also use your main keyword and some more keywords related to it in the heading tags.

4 - Keyword Density
Keyword Density is also not an important factor these days because what matters most is the quality of your content. However, if you are writing an article for a very targeted keyword, then it would be good for you that you keep some other words related to the main keyword and keep the keyword density around 1.5% to your website.

5 - Meta tags
Meta tags are some such tags in which that provide the search engine some valuable information about your article in short. A meta description is a very important meta tag.
Using meta tags you can give small information because, in the search engine results, the title and link of your site are displayed below. It is characterized by two important aspects. The first aspect is the keyword. If you use the keyword in this description, it will help you to get ranking in a particular keyword in the search engine or your ranking is better. The second factor is the CTR. The better your meta description. The more people will click on your link, the more your ranking and traffic will increase.

About On-Page SEO
6 - Images
Today images are becoming more and people like to watch instead of reading. Keeping this thing in mind, search engines have also started to improve the ranking of sites that use media. Want to make targeted, use these images and other media such as videos, etc. Additionally, you can also use ALT tags of images or your post names are your targeted keywords then can use for your site. You will have sure to benefit. After this traffic is increase to your website.

7 - Word Count Per Post
One thing has been seen common is that any posts whose length is very high, their ranking It is always good. Its biggest example is Wikipedia.
You must have seen that all the articles of Wikipedia are very long, their word count per post is very adik. Therefore, their ranking is also often number 1. So, you should make sure you write better content and the more things you tell in your posts, the better it will be. To prevent readers from getting bored, use throughout the media content. This is also good for your website.

8 - Internal Linking
Internal linking is another very important factor. I would also like to give you the best example of this, Wikipedia. You must have seen that no matter what the Wikipedia article is, there is too much internal linking in it. You should also do internal linking with related content in your blog posts. Take the example of internal linking in our post itself. In which in one post of your site other posts are linked. If you want to get a good ranking.

9 - External Linking
As Wikipedia has internal linking, similarly, they create a separate section of reference and also external linking. You should also do external linking at different places in your article where necessary. Talking about external linking is another important thing, backlinking about which you read in our article below.

10 - Write Engaging Content
You should write your content in such a way that more and more users will be able to engage with it for additional time. An SEO is something in which we write articles keeping only the search engine factors in mind. An SEO is such that in which we keep those factors in mind, along with that, writing engaging content also takes care of its readers. I suggest you always remember that you write content for your readers, not for search engines. You must understand the reader the demands. 

15 Advance On Page Technique for SEO!
  •         Use the keyword on your title.
  •         keyword on your Permalink (Post URL) 
  •       At first, use your keyword on your first paragraph.
  •       Use keyword on your ALT tags
  •      Use Keyword on H2 & H3 Headings.
  •       Also, bold your Important Keywords or Related Keywords.
  •       Italic your 1-2 important Keywords.
  •     Interlink your Related Articles.
  •     Remove all stop words to your permalinks
  •     Always write Long Post   (Minimum: 700 words )
  •     In case of Upload your images  you must optimize   ( Compress and Resize )
  •     Reduced your Page Loading Time.
  •     Use LSI Keywords on your Post 
  •     Use Description related to your  “Title".
  •      Interlinking your keywords on your pages.

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