Complete information about editing Blogger Template

Complete information about editing Blogger Template

An impressive design also works to entice visitors to the blog. Therefore, Blogger, knowing this, provides the Built-in Template Editor to its users. With the help of which any Blogger Template / Theme can be edited. In this tutorial, we will give you complete information about editing the Blogger Theme. And you will know how to edit Blogger Template?

 How to edit Blogger Template

Blogger The template is very easy to edit. Because with the built-in Template Editor of Blogger, this task can be easily completed. And your Blogger Blog can be given the desired design.

There are two options for editing Theme in Blogger. With which we customize Blogger Template.

HTML editing

CSS editing

1. Editing Blogger Template HTML

Step: # 1

Go to and log in with Google Account. Use your Gmail ID and Password to log in. And use the same account with which you sing in Blogger.

Step: # 2

After logging into Blogger, the Blogger Dashboard will open in front of you. From here you can select your blog from the Blog List with the help of Down Arrow . Meaning the blogger blog you want to update. If you have more than one blog. If you have only one blog then you leave this step.
Complete information about editing Blogger Template

Step: # 3

Now you will have Blog Specific Dashboard Open. From here, you click on the Theme Menu on the left.
Complete information about editing Blogger Template

Step: # 4

After doing this, Blogger Theme will be opened in front of you. And you will currently see the Install Theme. From here you click on the Edit HTML button under the Theme.

Step: # 5

Now you will have Blogger's HTML Editor Open. And the .xml file of Blog Template will also be open in it. Now you can write the code of any change you want to make in HTML and save the theme.

Blogger HTML Editor Complete Information

To edit Blogger Template, we should also have knowledge of HTML Editor. Only then we can design the theme properly. So below we are giving the names of all the tools in HTML Editor and their usage.
·        Back: This is the back button with which you can exit HTML Editor. And return to the Theme Menu.
Save theme: Changes are saved after editing the theme through this button. If you do not save, all the changes made by you will not be applied.
·        Jump to the widget: This tool can be accessed on Theme Widgets. Particular Widget you want to edit. Select it, you will directly reach the Widget Code.
·        Edit theme: Come back to Edit Mode through this tool.
·        Preview theme: Before applying the changes you have made, the Preview theme tool is used to view the preview.
·        Format theme: The Install Theme Code is currently deleted by this tool.
·        Revert changes: The changes you have made to the theme. This tool is used to erase them.
·        Revert widget themes to default: Particular Widget's default code is used by this tool to bring back.
·        Theme XML File: This is a theme file

2. CSS editing of Blogger Template

To edit CSS of Blogger Template, one has to use Blogger Theme Designer Tool. For which you follow the steps mentioned below.

Step: # 1
Repeat steps 1-3 above to open the Theme Designer Tool. After doing this, you will get to the Theme Menu. From here you now have to click on Customize.

Step: # 2
After doing this Theme Designer will open in front of you. Through which you can edit your theme's CSS file. And you can customize it accordingly. If you do not have knowledge about the Theme Designer Tool then you can go to below and get information about it.

Blogger Theme Designer Tool Complete Information

Complete information about editing Blogger Template

Blogger provides Built-in Theme Designer Tool to all its users. With the help of which anyone can make a professional design of their blog. But for this, it is necessary to have basic information about the name of tools available in Theme Designer and their usage. Which we are talking about below.

·        Back to Blogger: This button can be returned to the Blogger Dashboard.

·        View Blog: You can see the changes you have made through the View Blog button.

·        Help: If you want help about Blogger, then you can get help through this button.

·        Apply to Blog: Changes you have done. If you want to apply them on Blogger Theme, then you can do these tasks through the Apply to Blog button.

·        Themes: Through this tool, you can go to Blogger Themes. And you can select the theme you want to customize.

·        Background: Through this tool, you can customize the Theme Background.

·        Adjust widths: Through this tool, you can edit the width of the Content Page and Sidebar.

·        Layout: Through this tool, you can change the Blog Layout. Clicking the Layout button opens all the Layout. You can use whatever you like.

·        Advanced: Other tools are available in this tool. Through whom it becomes even easier to customize the Theme.

·        Return customizations: Whatever you have done in the customization theme. If you do not want to apply them and want to use the old theme only. So, all the changes can be deleted through the Remove customizations button.

what have you learned?

In this tutorial, we have given you complete information about Blogger Template Edit. You have learned about Blogger HTML Editor Tool and Theme Designer Tool. And you have also learned how to edit Blogger Theme. We hope that this tutorial will prove useful to you.

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