How to Increase Page Rank of Website or Blog

How to Increase Page Rank of Website / Blog

How to Increase Page Rank of Website or Blog

Every blogger wants to be successful, but why many bloggers are not successful, that is why his website does not get more visitors, the main reason is that he does not follow SEO. All the successful bloggers I have seen till date are more in SEO pays attention.
SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimize, so when our site's Page Rank will be good, only then we will get more traffic from Search Engines and when we get more and more traffic,
 only then we can be successful. 10 Best Tips are going to be told.

How does the website get Page Rank?

All Search The engine gives page rank to our blog if the page rank is higher than our site in The search Engine is quickly Show / Index.
 Google Search Engine will review and rank the site every 3 months. Search Engines give us from 1 to 10 in the rank.
When anyone gives a Search Engine Page Rank, then these factors are seen more in your site.
2.Do-Follow Links
3.No Follow Links
4.Internal Links
5.External Links
6.Inbound Links

How to increase the website page?
1.High Quality Content

I am telling you 10 great tips to increase Page Rank. I hope that if you follow them, the page rank of your site will increase easily.
Many bloggers make a mistake on the fact that by copying content from the Internet, Post changes a few words and publishes. But many search engines like Google recognize your content quickly and reduce the site rank.
 For this, write the post by yourself and use at least 1000 words in the post.

2.Post Update Regularly
Many Blogger makes a mistake on the fact that they do not know how to put Daily Post. Because of this, the Search Engine gives lower rank so Update Post Daily.

3.Guest Post

Search Engine pays attention to your Backlinks. If you have more Backlinks then your Site Rank will also be good.

4.Comment on Another Blog

This is a very simple way to get Backlinks. If you comment on other blogs, you will get Backlinks but keep in mind that comment is in the blog of the same type as your blog.

5.Submit to Web Directories

This is also a great way to get backlinks. You can get more backlinks by submitting your site to Website Directories. Some web directories are mentioning the name.

2] Yahoo Directory
3] Best Of The Web
4] Ezine Articles
5] Article Base
6] Go Articles

6.Social Media

You must be using Social Networking. You can easily get Backlinks from Social Networks. Social networks like: -

1] Facebook / Facebook Page
2] Google+
3] Twitter
How to Increase Page Rank of Website or  Blog

7. Follow SEO Rules

It is most important that you follow SEO. Do not hurry after writing a blog post, first you make the post SEO friendly and then make the image SEO friendly. After that publish it.

8.Link Exchange
Although it is an old Technique to increase Page Rank, but it is a great way. Give a link to your friends or a site with a high Page Rank.

9. Add Meta Tags
Use Meta Tags for your blog. This will also increase the traffic on your site.

10. Continually Link Internally
It is also important that if you are writing a post for the blog, then only you add the post of the same category to the linked post.

Now let's talk about the process that we are going to tell you that KEYWORD KO KAISE GOOGLE PAGE PAR RANK KARE.
Step 1 - If you write your blog post at least 800 to 1000 words, do not write less than this, then it is very good, but keep in mind that there should not be any other website or blog copied words in it. Saying that means you will not put too much copy content inside it.

Step 2- You should not make the title of your blog post longer than necessary and at the same time ensure that you focus keyword in the title of your blog post.

Step 3- You start with the Focus keyword at the beginning of the article of your blog post, that is, you must have the use of the focus keyword in the first paragraph of the article.

Step 4 - You should not make a long paragraph of the article of your blog post, you write the article of your blog post in such a way that short paragraphs are made.

Step 5 - In the article of your blog post, make the focus keyword as H1, H2, H3 and also use the Blood function on them.

Step 6- If you are in the article of your blog post then definitely use bullets.

Step 7 - You must use italic and Bold function someplace in the article of your blog post.

Step 8 - You must provide an internal link to your own blog or website in the article of your blog post.

Step 9 - You must provide an external link in the article of your blog post.

# Note - In your blog post, you should give an external link of a website or blog whose article title of the blog or website is similar to the title of the article of your blog post or any popular website or blog which is related to your content Matches happen. #

Step 10 - You must use the Focus keyword once in the meta description of the article of your blog post.

# Note - Do not write Focus keyword twice in the meta description, if you do this then it falls under keyword stuffing which is not good for your posts and blog #

# Note - The meta description of your article should be from 120 characters to 160 characters. #

Step 11 - You should keep your keyword density from 1 to 1 .5 and not more than this.

step - You must use Alt tag in the article of your blog post.

# Note - Alt tag means that you should name the image of the article of your blog post, same as you have chosen Focus keyword, and also the name of all the images you will put in the article of the blog based on your Focus keyword. have to keep. #

# Note - After publishing your blog post, you must send its URL to Google Fatch and Bing Index. #

# Note - If you use all the above steps while writing the article of your blog post, then this article will definitely be ranked on the first page of Google in no time, the proof we give you below, which we have given these steps. Ranked your blog post using 

#Note - We are repeatedly telling you about Focus keyword, so the question is going on in your mind that what is Focus keyword, then understand

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