Why and how to update Old Blog Post

Why and how to update Old Blog Post?

If you are a reader of this blog, you have read the previous post, then there I have told you why it is more important than knowing how to do any work. If the correct answer is found, then you will find the answer yourself. Information about how to update Older Blog Post has been shared on many blogs.

Content of update your post:- 
  1.   How to update the old blog posts?
  2.   Why should old blog post be updated?
  3.   How to update old post all points?
  4.   Special tips to update your old blog post?

Why and how to update Old Blog Post

1)   How to update old blog post
  • In this post, we will know in detail, why update Old Blog Post? Why We Update Old Blog Post? Let me try to explain to you a very simple example. Maybe some people may feel bad with this example but still, what will you do? Kidding you can do a lot Please consider Mind!
  • When you say to a boy, the brother comes from an evening walk, he walks in the costume. But tell a girl she updates herself (Dress Change, Cream, Powder). Perhaps there is no need to explain more than this. Why have you got the answer?
  • In the same way, if you want traffic on Old Bog Post, then it has to be updated.

2)   Why should Old Blog Post be updated?

·       Publish with Post Date. It is easy to hide this date from the user.
·       Cannot hide it from the search engine bot.
·       Just as you like fresh (fresh) fruits and vegetables, similarly the search engine also likes fresh articles.
·       Whenever updating a post, the Crawler of Search Engine re-Crawl it, reindex it.
·       Many times, while writing a post, you publish without proofreading. There are many mistakes in it.
·       For proper internal linking, it is important to update the blog post.
·       With time some new information also comes.
·       The user should also update to give correct and all information.

Why and how to update Old Blog Post

3)   How to update old blog post
·       Post update is not just about adding a few words or lines. For this, post publish will have to be done following the guidelines of proper search engine and webmaster.
·       If the post is not right as per today or if a lot of changes are needed, then delete the content of the post and write it again.
·       There are just a few changes that can be done by adding or removing some Sentences. So do it.
·       By the way, you must update the post, which is getting more traffic.
·       The user should always get something new.
·       Add Rich Image This helps in branding.
·       Read the post to check which keyword will be suitable for this. You can take the help of Webmaster for Keyword.
·       Also check the Search Volume in Keywords in Analytics.
·       Write a related post for more traffic. The Keyword On Which The Site Is Ranking Write even more articles on that Keyword.
·       Create Title SEO Friendly.
·       Perform proper internal linking.
·       Bounce Rate is low if internal linking is done properly.
·       The length of the post should be better than average. (minimum of 800 words)
·       Some bloggers write 3000 words post, but it is not of any meaning, that is why it should not be done.
·       Delete Spam Comment
·       Reply to all comments
·       Proofreading is very important before publishing the post.

 4)   Special Tips to Update Old Blog Post

  • ·       It is necessary to do Keyword Research before updating the post.
  • ·       Write even without Keyword Research Post 10000 Words will not appear in the search result.
  • ·       If you want Revenue from Adsense, then check in Adword what is the CPC of Keyword.
  • ·       CPC is good, but even if Searches are low, not much earnings will be done.
  • ·       To earn big money from Adsense, you have to target high searches and high CPC keywords and write a post.

Now in today's time, earning money from Blogging has become very tough. In today's time, bloggers have become more than readers. Maybe you know every other blog is a Technical Blog in today's date. Open any blog, everyone is writing about Blogging and SEO.

  This is also a reason for a blogger's income below. Readers of Blogger are Blogger. They know this is the addition of Adsense. By clicking here, Site Owner gets the money. Therefore, do not click all add.

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